Create a Happy Family Together - Green Corporate Culture

u Enterprise spirit Green Style

Reputation first: regard reputation as our life

Striving oriented: more resources for the strivers

Simple and efficient: simple interpersonal relations, efficient teamwork

Co creation and sharing: work together for bigger success and share the value

Pursue excellence: Good image/outstanding performance/expert level knowledge

u People orientedGreener

Talent view: stringent admission and elastic employment, appoint people on their merit, seek compatible and integrated development

Family view: protect every single family and love everyone, fight for family, make career brilliant, live rich life

Team view: company backup for the front line, front line fight for performance,and all staff strive for the corporate mission

Career view: Promote industry reform and global green development with extraordinary courage

u Management concept —Result oriented

Business philosophy: result oriented, providing customers with closed-loop solutions

Development philosophy: Parallel development at home and abroad, financial and industrial integration

Honest notion: No violation of laws and disciplines, no corruption and bribery, no fraud, no abuse of power

uGreen Features

Homelike: Learn the essence of Chinese traditional Zhu Zi's Family Precepts, pass on poetry and books, and promote cultural aspirations

Humble:Absorb energy from the Family Precepts by modern educator Huang Huaining and fight against anxiety

Harmonious:Learn the universal truth of striving from Harvard Family Precepts, always on the way

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